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Programmable Mice Blocked by Facepunch

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Programmable Mice Blocked by Facepunch

The Bloody Mouse has increasingly been a pain for most rust players and now thanks to Facepunch and their incredible team working with EAC to help block these programmable mouse preventing people from gaining an unfair advantage against others.

Its no doubt that people who play rust are extreamly frustrated with the game duo to scripters and hackers luckily for Amnesia we also have a dev team run by our very own Terabyte whom have codded a plugin that helps detect these sprays and reports them back to us as violations.

With us being able to detect these violations and Facepunch working with EAC to help the fight against programmable mice, it seems we will be creating a rust platform free from cheaters after all.

“We’re working with EAC to block some specific programmable mice that are increasingly being used to give an unfair combat advantage by counteracting recoil etc. Please let us know if you’re being affected by this and you feel like you don’t own one of these mice. ” – @playrust on twitter

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