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Community Update 216

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Community Update 216

Rustflix & Chill, Animated shorts, and more!Erin DaltonCommunity SupportAnimated ShortsErin Dalton

To kick things off, we have Slaur3n from Crowhill Studios creating some pretty cool art that transforms into animate shorts & parodies about Rust. Some of these are pretty spot on! Kinda giving me some Salad Fingers vibes. I love it 🙂

Creator Spotlight

This month we have one of my many Rust sons: Wally1k“Hello! I am Wally1k a Rust content creator. In my videos you will see storylines, PvP and raids. Playing Rust since 2014 I’ve been through it all. Legacy, BP’s, XP, component system, you name it. Some of my first inspirations to play this game were “Ser Winter” and “VERTiiGO”. Watching their one on one battles inspired me to try it out. 5 Years later I’m making my own content and I still don’t regret it.”

Here’s his version of getting started in Rust.

He frequently streams on Twitch and you can catch him improperly using Twitter as well 😉The Earth Apocalypse

Last month I gave you guys a sneak peek of a custom map that mimics a dystopian Earth that Keirox made and I’m happy to announce it’s playable to all now!

Long-time server community, CosaNostra is hosting it.[EU] | The Earth – Apocalypse[US] | The Earth – Apocalypse

You can join their Discord as well, if you like.

Rustflix & Chill

We have a couple staples of community still pumping out some great content as well! If you’ve ever watched one of hJune’s videos you know you’re probably in for a great story and this one doesn’t fall short. Grab some popcorn (and maybe a tissue) and get comfy!

Next we have the pie man himself. Shadowfrax with the latest and greatest roleplay Rust Mafia 2 (click hereif you still haven’t seen Part 1). So many lies!

Show me the stuff!

If you made something cool or saw something cool, reach out! Tag me on the Twitterverse.

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