Amnesia Rust Servers

Forget Reality



Welcome to AMNESIA, Our goals here at Amnesia South Africa is to create an environment where people can get together and enjoy the art of true survival.

Our servers are custom tailored in that we work around the clock to provide balanced plugins without taking away from the ideals of Rust itself.

We have a vast amount of custom coded plugins that co-inside with the UMOD developments. our in-house coding staff work around the clock to keep UMOD plugins up to date and consistently code plugins to help improve your experience with us.

The name Amnesia stems from the loss of memory however in this regard we aim to provide our members an experience which allows them to un-wind and forget the concerns and worries of the real world.

As most of you are probably aware, there is a vast struggle maintaining cheaters such as scripters and hackers, but that being said, our admin staff work around the clock monitoring each players performance, skill and the way they play, we take pride in our server and deliver fair play for all. 


With Great servers come great responsibility. Yes we have dedicated South African servers on which we run RUST to its full potential.

Our servers are built with enough hardware to withstand the “resource intensive” assets found in RUST to help deliver stability and reliable game-play.  


over the years us as Admins have owned multiple servers and learned all about the RUST community. 

Through the years we have built a stable, loyal and reliable South African community. we thank each of you for all the support.

Its because of you that we keep building rust servers.


What makes for a balanced South African server? well its the people really. it all comes down to you.

In our experience having worked time and time again redefining servers and building one that really balances out exactly the needs and wants of the RUST community.

yeah we MOD the server, but we keep to the RUST elements.